Birthmarks on Babies and Meaning

Birthmarks contrary to their names are not present at birth. There are certain conditions, as you may read below, which happen later. Though birthmarks are permanent in many cases, there are as many that can fade in time with the growth of child

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Though birthmarks are harmless normally, in some cases, one may need cosmetic treatment to arrest their growth. In some cases, they may hint at underlying diseases. So let us go through various types of birthmarks and find out if the treatment is needed or not”

Café au lait spot:

These birthmarks are permanent, coffee colored and light. They are common birthmarks and can happen in any part of the body. A pair of spots in quite common in this condition. If there are multiple birthmakrs of this type, it can indicate a genetic condition like neurofibromatosis. In case of six or more café au lait spot, you may have to bring your child’s condition to the attention of your doctor.

Congenital Nevus:

Congential Nevus is a black colored mole, large that is seen mostly on the scalp and the lower part of the body. It can be in the size from less than 1 centimer to 14 centimeter covering large areas. Children who have large sized Congenital Nevus may indicate skin cancer. Check with your doctor if there is this type of brith makrs so that there can be skin alterations made.

Mongolian Blue Spot:

Mongoloian Blue Spot also called as Slade Gray Nevus can be mistaken for a bruise. It is more common as huge blue-gray mark on dark skinned people, mostly of Asian descent , in the lower back, buttocks,arms and legs.

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Port-wine stain:

As a permanent birthmark, port-wine stain may start out as pink coored but becme purple or darkish red as the child grown. Mostly the port-wine stain can be on the neck and face, but it can also be in other parts of the body. The skin can become thick and uneven as the child grows. To remove the port-wine stain birthmark, laser surgery is advised.

Stork bites or Salmon Patches:

Salmon patches or stork bites are pink patches or red found atop the hairlines at the back of the neck, between the eyes or on the eyelids. These marks are cuased due to closely knit capillary blood vessels found in this area. These birthmarks fade with time, but those on the nape of the neck , do not vanish and are concealed by hair.

Hemanigoma Birthmark:

This is a red or pink birthmark that grows during the first year of the baby’s birth and begins to reduce in time. By the age of 10, the child will have very less or no trace of the hemanigoma birthmark.

Though treatment is not needed, there are quickly growing birthmarks of this type that may need medical intervention for faster treatment. If the child has more than 3 hemanigomas on the skin, medical evaluation may be needed.

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