BP medications for hypertension

BP medication or blood pressure medicines are given to patients of hypertension. But before we discuss about medications let us know what hypertension is. Hypertension abbreviated as HTN is a scientific term used to refer to commonly known issues ‘blood pressure’. This condition is a chronic cardiac physical condition, wherein there is an increase in the arterial blood pressure.

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Hypertension is in contrast to hypotension (wherein the blood pressure is decreased, not increased). There are two stages of hypertension, primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Approximately 90% to 95% of all cases are recorded to be primary hypertension.

BP medication suggested to the patient may depend on the stage of the condition, whether it is primary or secondary. If you are suffering from any kind of hypertension, it is essential to seek medical advice rather than adopting self induced treatment. This is because selecting a proper hypertension medication may be very tricky and intake of inappropriate medication may cause side effects.

There are different types of BP medication available in the market with any pharmaceutical vendor and each of it has some advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the severity of the blood pressure, the doctor may suggest you one or combination of these medicines. Along with medicines it is essential to practice some lifestyle changes that may help you alleviate your hypertension.

Possible BP medications for stage 1 hypertension:

Stage 1 hypertension is when your BP reading indicates 140/90 to 159/99 mm Hg. If you determine that you are suffering from stage 1 hypertension, you need to adopt healthy lifestyle along with effective medications suggested by your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe any of the following medicines:


Diuretics are also referred to as water pills and are usually prescribed to the patient by the doctor initially. These medication functioned by eradicating surplus water and sodium from the body which in turn lowers the blood pressure. Along with healthy lifestyle practices, these medicines serve to be sufficient aid for controlling the hypertension issue.

Though there are 3 different types of diuretics available in the market, thiazide diuretics is the first preference of the doctors. It is noticed that thiazide have comparatively lower side effects than other diuretics. Moreover it also provides protection to certain extent from possible adversities that may be caused due to high blood pressure, for example heart failure or strokes.

Though diuretic may be the only medication you may require, there are possibility that your doctor may suggest other medications in some cases. These medications may include:

ACE inhibitors or Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors:-

This medication dilates the blood vessels by undermining the activities of angiotensin hormone that affects the blood vessels. Some of the frequently suggested ACE inhibitors are Capoten, Altace etc.

• Angiotensin II receptor blockers:-

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This medication helps in relaxing the blood vessels by counteracting the functions of angiotensin hormone. Cozaar, Benicar, Diovan etc are commonly prescribed angiotensin II receptor blockers.

• Beta blockers:-

Beta blockers functions by obstructing certain hormonal signals as well as nerves from reaching to heart and muscle cells of blood vessels; this in turns reduces blood pressure. Some of the common beta blockers are Corgard, Levatol, Lopressor etc.

• Calcium channel blockers:-

Calcium channel blockers avert calcium from reaching into heart and cells of blood vessel muscles. This relaxes the cells and the blood pressure is decreased. Some of the commonly suggested calcium channel blockers are Norvasc, Cardizem, Procardia etc.

• Renin inhibitors:-

Rennin is a naturally occurring enzyme that is produced by kidney. It leads to a chemical phenomenon that increases blood pressure. Since rennin is responsible for increased blood pressure, renin inhibitors such as Tekturna help in controlling the condition.

Using any of these BP medications as prescribed by the doctor may help you reduce your hypertension. One can also combine medications of 2 different classes which may have significant effect and may be less expensive than diuretics. Choosing the combination of the medication may depend on the severity as understood by your doctor.

Possible BP medications for stage 2 hypertension:

The stage 2 hypertension is when your blood pressure is higher than 160/100 mm Hg. In this case you may require at least 2 hypertension medicines. As mentioned above, the doctor may prescribe you thiazide diuretic when the condition is at stage 1. apart from diuretics, in case of stage2, the medicines are almost the same as prescribed in stage 1.


• ACE inhibitors or Angitensin-converting enzyme inhibitors

• Angiotensin II receptor blockers

• Beta blockers

• Calcium channel blockers

• Renin inhibitors

In case this medicine does not prove to be effective in curing your hypertension, then the doctor may suggest other medications such as alpha blockers, vasodilators etc. These BP medications are much stronger as compared to aforementioned drugs; hence there are possibilities of more side effects comparatively. It is essential to lower down your blood pressure when it is very high as any delay may lead to severe complications such as heart failure, damages to kidney and damages to arteries etc.

It is believed that combination of two drugs works much faster as compared to single drug doses. In some cases, depending on the severity of the issue your doctor may suggest three or more drugs that should be taken in combination to achieve your normal blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes along with BP medications:

If it is just the onset of hypertension or hypertension has reached to a little progressed stage, then along with BP medications certain lifestyle changes will help you to manage the physical condition. Sometimes even doctors suggest effective exercises along with medicines, to cure the diseases faster than normal. Here are some good lifestyle habits that may help you to cope with hypertension.

• Reduce in take of salt in you food

• Stop smoking

• Eat a strategized healthy diet including low-fat dairy items, fresh fruits and healthy vegetables

• Do moderate regular exercises and maintain healthy weight

• You should stop taking alcohol or at least reduce it significantly

By following the aforementioned lifestyle habits, you may ensure good health along with proper intake of BP medications.

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