Car Accident Injury Claim-Settlement,Lawyer, Compensation Amounts

Car Accident Injury claim procedure is something that you should know very well.   After the crash, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the insurance company. They have to be informed about what happened, how circumstances led you to this problem. The insurance company will help track down the police and medical records that are involved with your case, but make sure that you also keep an eye on every move and not be callous about the entire step.  The insurance company will ask an adjuster to check your vehicle and will discuss options on how you can make a car accident insurance claim amount. In fact, if you have a car accident injury lawyer, the insurance option will deal directly wit

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To get proper car accident injury claim amount, you have to get copies of medical records, police information and everything else that can endorse your position. In fact, you should go for second and third opinions as much as possible because you will not only get a lot of information but also come to know better about your health. For instance, a second doctor may tell you about one aspect of health that may be impacted, which is why you can ask for better car accident injury claim treatment compensation.

Listed below are some of the damages for which your car accident injury attorney can ask for compensation in your behalf:

1.       Medical Damages expenses:  This includes doctor’s fees and other medical expenses that are related to treat an injury, which can also range from emergency room expenses to physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. If there is a medical examination for litigation, it may not be recoverable. You can also seek compensation for ‘future medical expenses’ if you are able to show that you may need continued medical attention due to the injury or accident. This amount is determined on the advice of the doctors who treat you.

2.       Mental tension and grief:  You can get compensation for emotional distress and mental tension from the injury or accident.

3.       Pain and suffering: Though this cannot be enumerated in paper, a skillful accident injury can make a good case out of it and present it to the jury for an adequate compensation.

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4.       Loss of earning capacity: If you can show that you are not able to earn money in the future, you can get compensation for lost earning capacity. Past earnings will be used a barometer here and the jury will try to concentrate on how much you’d be earning if there was no accident or injury. If you were unemployed at the time of the car accident injury, your lawyer may be able to show how much you’d have earned during the period.

5.       Loss of consortium: This includes married life benefits, companionship, sexual relations, comfort; all of which may have been disturbed due to the accident.  While finding out the value of the loss, the jury will look at the marriage stability, the individual life expectancies of the couple and care showed to the injured spouse.

How car accident injury claims and settlement is done?

First the insurance company’s adjuster will add up the total amount of medical expenses associated with the injury, these expenses are also known as “medical special damages,” or “specials.” This base amount can help deduce the “general damages,” such as damages for mental tension, stress and emotional loss.

If the injuries are not of much concern, the adjuster will usually double the special damages amount. If the injuries are of the serious kind, the adjuster usually multiples special damages by up to 5 times. In case, the car accident injuries are serious, then the adjust multiples it by 10 times.

Also one has to consider the ‘fault’ percentage. Was the other party at total fault, mostly at fault or had little role to play in the car accident? An adjuster can reduce your recovery amount by the comparative fault percentage. For instance, if you were only at 20 percent fault, the car accident injury claim amount may be reduced by 20 percent. Please note that there compensation amount will not be reduced if the accident is clearly someone else’s fault, for instance, if the other person was drinking and driving.

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