Controlling Flatulence, How to Prevent Farting, Passing Gas

When Jessica Simpson farted in a meeting,it  made headlines much to the embarrassment of the actress.
It is normal to fart and everyone passes gas at some time or the other. The problem is with excess farting especially when it happens in front of other people, causing embarrassment.

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Gas trouble happens due to eating diet that leads to creation of excess gas in the body. This can cause bloating and abdominal pain. Constipation can lead to flatulence as one of the causes, because if the food waste is present in the colon for a long time, it ferments causing foul smelling flatulence.

Here are ways to control flatulence by checking your diet
1. Do not eat three big meals a day, instead go for five small meals
2. Prevent eating food that are high in fat content, this can generate huge amount of carbon-dioxide, some of which is released in the form of gas.
3. Excess carbohydrates can also lead to gas formation in the body.
4. Decrease the amount of air that you swallow. This means, you should avoid talking while eating food, this lead to intake of excess air in the body. Eat and drink slowly and make sure you chew food well.
5. People who chew gum and smoke are known to fart more. This is because they are swallowing more in the body, which is trapped in the body leading to pressure and bloating.
6. Avoid eating spicy food as they cause pressure in the gut.
7. Beverages that are acidic like beer, alcohol, tea, coffee, colas and sodas can lead to excess farting . Drinking cold –drinks with straws can also lead to more excess air intake.
8. Beans, lentils, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli can cause flatulence
9. Lack of physical activity can lead to gas formation
10. Pregnant women tend to suffer from excess flatulence

Farting is a sign of good health; and there is no problem at all, considering it is not possible to stop most of the things that are mentioned above. But if you want to control flatulence and keep it low and not be in an embarrassing position, keep your diet in control and stay away from foods that can give rise to flatulence.

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