Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers, Reconstructive dentistry and other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

For bright smile, teeth white, cosmetic dentistry is useful. Let us find out cosmetic dentistry’s use in veneers, reconstructive dentistry, laser teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures

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Cosmetic dentistry is nothing but dental procedure or treatment used to beautify and improve one’s teeth. It consists of teatments ranging from teeth whitening, rectification of chipped or uneven teeth, to teeth restoration.

A famous cosmetic dental surgeon from California remarks, “A lot of people between 25 and 35 years of age opt for dental treatment to correct and enhance their smiles. In this celeb obsessed society, a lot of people have the urge to look and there can be nothing disarmingly attractive to both the sexes as a good smile. Previously we had celebrities and models among our clientele but now everyone wants to wear a good smile.”
Cosmetic dentist Fiona Williams from Manhattan shares a similar view, “I have women above 50 plus who are looking for great teeth and a charming smile. It can be a huge confident booster.”

Here are the popular cosmetic dental procedures:

Teeth whitening
‘Teeth whitening’ or ‘teeth bleaching’ is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. You can actually decide the extent of whiteness you want in your teeth. There are two types of treatment, laser whitening (in-office treatment) and home bleaching (in-home treatment) .

In the laser whitening, there is a rubber seal which is attached to your gums; then a bleaching solution is applied over the teeth. A bright white laser light is then aimed at them, making the teeth white and attractive.

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Laser whitening of the teeth is more effective than home bleaching and the longevity of the white teeth is also more through this method. There is less risk of teeth hypensitivity.

For the home bleaching treatment, the dentist makes use of a tray-like mold for your teeth, that is made of vinyl material. Bleaching gel is filled in the moulds; they are then fixed on the teeth and left that way for two hours depending on the gel’s consistency. Though this is done first time at the clinic of the dentist, for the next six months, these touchups can be done at your home, according to the doctor’s instructions.

Cosmetic dentistry for Veneers: Veneer is a dental procedure that corrects uneven teeth, closes gap between the teeth and mends chipped teeth. It depends on the extent of damage done to the teeth. If there is damage done to the teeth due to cavities, a root-cap or crown can be fixed. Though veneer is useful for about five years, they may suffer damage, if you bite on hard substance with the veneer fixed teeth.

Reconstructive Dentistry
Dental Implants: Dental implants are used for restoring missing teeth. Here artificial roots are embedded in the jaw, and then topped by prosthetic or artificial teeth.

Crowns are used for restoring cracked or damaged teeth. Crowns are made from materials that are porcelain type or even of metal that is shaped like teeth. When the tooth decays or is broken, a crown can be fitted on it to restore its look.

Braces as Cosmetic Dentistry
Braces are used by individuals who suffer from buck teeth or protruding front teeth, as a dental corrective procedure. First, through teeth diagnosis has to be done and then the treatment is prescribed. Braces are normally made of little metal brackets that are stuck to teeth with the help of a metal mesh.

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