Dental Caps, Dental Crowns

If you’re worried over your lost or broken tooth, a dental cap will wipe your worries away and boost your confidence with a pleasant smile.

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Dental crowns are routine dental procedures aimed to cover up the whole tooth as opposed to fillings which only patch the holes in the teeth. They are recommended for individuals whose teeth are damaged, missing, broken or weak that require protection. Furthermore, a dental crown is also used in holding the tooth together.

What are the materials used in tooth crowns and how long do they last?

Tooth crowns can be made from different materials ranging from affordable to expensive ones. The most durable yet expensive material for tooth crowns is porcelain while metal and plastic are the most common materials used in tooth caps. With regards to their life span, this depends whether they are used as temporary or permanent solutions for tooth issues. Crowns made from high-quality materials usually last over 10 ten years. However, the average lifespan of typical crown is from 5 to 8 years depending on your dental hygiene. If you don’t want to further damage your tooth and if you like to avoid frequent dental visits, you should observe optimum care for your teeth.

Details of  Dental cap Procedure

A couple of dental visits are required when having a tooth cap for your distorted tooth. On the first visit, the gum to which the cap will be fitted is sedated with local anesthesia and the dentist will then clean and remove any decay with the aid dental drill with burr. After grinding the tooth all the way to the taper, the dentist will apply dental putty into the tooth to create an imitation in fabricating the new crown. There is a two-week waiting period for the fabrication of the new crown but your dentist will make temporary crown as protection for the tooth under consideration. After the waiting period, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and fit the new crown and smooth the rough edges and check the color matching.

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How long is the recovery time?

It’s relatively normal to feel some pain for several days while getting used to the new crown. You may also experience gum recession around the tooth. If this happens, go back to your dentist as this must be filled in to inhibit food particles from getting into the void.

Cleaning Tips

• The tooth crown requires the same dental care as the natural teeth like brushing the it two times a day for two minutes. It is best that you use soft-bristle toothbrush to minimize irritation to the gums. Gently brush the area around the crown and avoid brushing harder on the gums surrounding the crown.

• Gargle using mouth rinse for a minute and rinse with cold water for three times. This helps remove trapped food particles on the crown, teeth and gums to prevent bacterial infection.

• Floss your teeth two times a day and avoid putting too much pressure as it may dislocate the crown.

Dental Caps Cost

Porcelain caps are the best material in dental caps and they tend to cost more than gold or metallic caps. Usually dental caps come between $500 and $3,100 in cost.

The new type of material for dental crowns in the form of all-poreclain or resin can cost even more and be more than the insurance plan coverage for caps. Dental insurance does not cover all the costs that are a part of the dental cap procedure.

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