Does Chewing Gum Burn Calories?

Does chewing gum burn calories? You may never have thought of it, more so, think of the potential benefits of chewing on gum. Yes, chewing gums aren’t just the all-time favorite pass time candies. There’s more to chewing on this sweet confectionary. Read on.

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The answer to the question, “does chewing gum burn calories?”, is a resounding yes. A stick of gum gives 10 calories, while chewing on one burn 11 calories per hour. An independent study conducted among gum chewers revealed that appetite decreased while cravings for sweet foods were fewer when chewing a gum. Those who chewed gums thrice in one hour subsequent to lunch consumed less high-calorie snacks. Whether it’s sugar-free or regular gum, the effect is still the same.

How do you burn calories by chewing gum?

Chewing a gum requires giving off a certain amount of energy. Muscle exertion on the jaw when chewing a gum directly burns calories. While continuously chewing a gum, you produce more saliva which helps improve digestion. Also, it dupes the mind into the idea that you are eating, thus, accelerating your metabolism. Chewing a gum for 12 hours every day will cause you to burn 132 calories; that is equivalent to walking for 35 minutes at 3 miles per hour for a 150-pound individual to burn the same amount of calories. Thus, chewing gum burns more calories than it actually gives.

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Key ingredients of Chewing Gum

Chewing gums are primarily made of four ingredients- gum base, flavors, softeners and colors. Mastiche, chicle and rubber are common gum bases used in chewing gums. Rubber is a synthetic gum base while Mastiche is organic. Chewing gums are made with different fruity flavors to suit individual liking. Softeners are added to keep the gum moisture while chewing them. Early chewing gums have pink color but modern chewing gums now come in different colors.

Chewing Gum and your Health

Aside from keeping your weight in check, chewing gum offers several benefits to your health. Did you know that it enhances the cognitive power in manifolds? Yes, consider this. Chewing gum increases the body’s glucose level. Remember that glucose energizes the brain. Therefore, if your brain is invigorated, concentration and alertness will improve which likewise enhances the memory. Moreover, gum chewing is an excellent stress reliever. Psychologists agree with the fact that gum chewing activates satisfied and relaxed feelings.

Chewing Gum and your Teeth

Most chewing gums contain Xylitol which greatly helps in reducing the presence of bacteria inside the mouth. In fact, chewing a gum with Xylitol in just five minutes significantly reduces the harmful effects that bacteria leave onto your teeth. Acids produced by harmful bacteria weaken the teeth. Although this is a slow process, they can cause great damage to the teeth over time. The habit of gum chewing will certainly lessen this damage and delay tooth decay. Furthermore, chewing gum helps in relieving strain on the sinuses. Gum chewing involves continuous movement of the jaw hence providing a good exercise on jaw muscles.

Does chewing gum burn calories? Certainly! So make gum chewing a habit and reap the countless benefits it gives.

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