Dog Bite Statistics, Dog Bite Compensation

According to the dog bite statistics, almost 1,000 American citizens are treated for dog bites every single day while the insurance company pays more than a billion dollars for dog bite compensation a year.

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Dog Bite Statistics

There is a nationwide epidemic of dog bite in America today. More than 77 million dogs are in the United States and there are 4.7 million dog attacks recorded each year and that doesn’t include all the other unreported attacks. Dog bite statistics also show that in the United States alone, an average of 25 people is killed each year as a result of dog attacks. Based on records, there were 33 people killed last 2007, 23 in year 2008, 33 in year 2009, 34 in year 2010; and early this year there are already 8 Americans killed. The highest rates of dog attacks recorded are mostly on kids especially on boys under the age of 10. Majority of these attacks are done at home or in familiar places.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

The breed of the dog does not strictly dictate the aggressiveness or whether they are more prone to bite or not. But in recent years, dog bite statistics show that pit bulls and rottweilers were the most responsible for the different attacks reported.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is an ordinance or regulation that bans or restricts specific types of breed from living in a state or municipality. With the growing number of attacks based on dog bite statistics, BSL is focusing its attention towards dangerous dogs like pit bulls. Almost half of the fatal attacks in the United States were caused by pit bulls. But in reality, any breed of dog can bite, whether a pit bull, a Rottweiler or even cross breed dogs. Enforcing BSL is very costly and hard to implement. Restricting them doesn’t mean the people in the community are safe from dog bites. What the community needs is strict enforcement of responsible breeding and ownership of any kind of dog, and public education on how to prevent and protect, especially the kids, from any possible dog bites in the future.

Dog Bite Law

After an incident of a dog attack, it is difficult to identify where to turn to for help. The American dog bite law helps individuals, victims, owners and their dogs receive proper and fair jurisdictions. These jurisdictions follow the one bite rule. This stipulates that unless the owner of the dog is aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior, the law will shield the owner from any civil or criminal offense. This law also deals with dog bite compensation given to victims.

Dog Bite Lawyers

Not all lawyers can be personal dog bite attorneys. With all the complicated cases, it takes special skill to excel in this field. Each dog attack has different circumstances, and generally, dogs are just provoked to attack whether intentionally or not.

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If you have recently experienced a dog attack, consult a certified dog bite lawyer immediately to discuss different compensation offers.

Dog Bite Compensation

When thinking of a dog bite law suit, many factors should be considered before going through the whole process.

The Dog Bite Incident

Before going through the whole process, you must consult a lawyer regarding your chances of winning the case. In a dog bite incident several factors are considered, such as whether the owner is aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior, if the incident happened outside the property or whether the dog was provoked which resulted to the attack.

Who to Blame

Proving that the dog owner has neglected his responsibilities in taking care of the dog which resulted to the attack may be hard to do. For greater chances to get compensation, one should have evidence of the owner’s or handler’s negligence.

Pain and Suffering

For severe cases of dog bites that lead to multiple surgeries, getting dog bite compensation is vital. The pain and suffering will leave a lasting impression on the victim.

Dog bite compensation

Some dog owners either have home insurance or pet insurance. When compensation claims is successful, the claims will be granted by the owner’s insurance company.

There are two types of claims:

1. General Damages are claims brought by physical damage on the victims.

2. Special Damages are claims affected by outside factors while being injured, like loss of income, damaged properties, care and services and others.

Some factors can affect claims for compensation.

• If the biter is not considered to be dangerous and was just provoked by the victim;

• The owner has no knowledge of the aggressive behavior of his dog;

• And if attack is done inside the owner’s property.

Dog bite statistics have significantly increased each year and so is the demand for dog bite compensation. Most of these attacks occur at home and these dogs have become a member of the family. Going through these painful incidents can be very heartbreaking and physically, mentally, emotionally and financially draining. Find out more information about dog bite treatment and prevention

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