Dry Skin around Mouth

Everyone wants to have attractive and kissable lips but with dry skin around mouth, beautiful acts such as kissing can be very irritating and uncomfortable.

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The lips are the visible part of the mouth which is soft, thin, and very sensitive. It contains a lot of nerve endings and is the focus of attacks of germs and bacteria. Irritated or inflamed lips causes the corners of the mouth to become dry, sore, and cracked.

Causes of dry skin around mouth

There are many possible causes of dry skin around mouth which include:

• Skin Allergy – eating foods that you are allergic to can cause your mouth to become swollen, which also affect the skin around mouth to become dry. Being allergic to fluoride can also cause dry skin around mouth.

• Dry Mouth – or also known as xerostomia, is a condition in which the mouth does not produce enough saliva thus causing skin around mouth to become dry.

• Chapped Lips – continuous licking of the lips would result to the saliva getting into the corners of the mouth. The saliva sucks out the moisture from the skin thereby leading to skin dryness. This is the most known cause of dry skin around mouth.

• Seborrheic Dermatitis – is a skin condition that is characterized by yeast (naturally found on the skin) that attacks the oil glands of the skin, resulting to redness, peeling, infection, yellowish, and very itchy skin. This is caused by constant scratching, overstress, and sudden weather changes.

• Perioral Dermatitis – is a facial rash that may occur around the mouth and leaves the skin scaly, red and bumpy. The rashes can also be itchy and inflamed. This condition is caused by skin irritation from facial creams or moisturizers which make this condition more common in women.

• Angular Cheilitis – is an inflammatory type of condition that occurs at one or both corners of the mouth. The skin dryness is so severe that it results to cracking or splitting and often times bleeding. This condition is caused by poor nutrition, diabetes, and poorly fitted dentures.

Treatment for dry skin around mouth

Treatment methods are available depending on the cause of the dry skin around mouth. But to help stop skin dryness, here are some tips:

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• Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water – at least eight glasses a day.

• If possible, bring a lip balm everywhere you go. It helps keep your mouth and the surrounding skin moisturized. At night you can apply the lip balm not just on the lips but around it as well; and make sure not to use flavored balms and lipsticks.

• Moisturize and exfoliate your skin as often as needed. Be sure to choose moisturizers and exfoliating cleansers that match your skin type.

• As much as possible avoid licking your lips.

• Get enough sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day to avoid getting easily stressed and strained throughout the day.

• The sun’s UV rays can help cure skin dryness, so if possible get out and enjoy the sun early in the morning when the sun’s rays are not at their peak.

It’s easy to stop skin dryness, just maintain a healthy diet, proper hygiene, and moisturize regularly so you can say goodbye to ugly, dry skin around mouth. And if dryness still persists, then talk to your doctor for alternative medications. Take note, dry skin around mouth can also be a possible sign of oral cancer.

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