Fire Prevention at Home

Fire prevention at home, and fire protection; ie saving oneself from any kind of physical injury or damage to property is important during a fire outbreak. Here is how we can make use of fire prevention and fire safety tips:

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One can always prevent fire accidents at one’s home. There are usually very minute things that usually lead to a scorching issue. For instance, wiring for electricity being faulty and also misuse of fire could lead to a fire disaster. Below are a few steps that would help you to keep such a spread of fire happening and turning into disaster:

1. Installing Devices for Fire Safety: You must realize that fire can avert in small or medium intensity and they become catastrophic only if better quality extinguishers are used. It is a must to install the fire extinguishers at one’s home, public places such as schools, colleges, cinema halls, colleges and even offices. It is always advisable to install a multi-rated extinguisher that would be capable to put off fire of every kind. The fire extinguishers are rated ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. The ‘A’ rated ones are meant for paper fires and wood devices; ‘B’ extinguishes flammable liquids and also grease that is set on fire, while ‘C’ are for electrical fire.

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2. Make sure all smoke alarms are functional: You must take care that each area of the house or office has installed fire alarms or even smoke detectors would do the trick. These must be interconnected so that when one of the alarms is ticked off, the others must automatically go off too. Always buy the fire alarm that comes with an option for back-up power. Do not opt for only battery operated ones or the ones that only run on electricity.

3. Safety measures basics: Try to avoid using any fire causing tools in and around the office premise. Try and have a separate zone or room for smoking. If anyone staying or visiting your house smokes, request him or her to smoke outside your home. It is important that cigarettes get disposed in ashtrays. It is also a good option to keep a fire extinguisher in your house.

4. Safe Cooking: Try not leaving the kitchen while cooking. Cook on moderate flame while deep-frying. Try putting it on a low flame while answering a phone call. If you have an outdoor grill, cover it and if you are going out, take care to place it away from the garden, woods and lawn area. Shut the gas when not in use. Do not use extension cords for kitchen appliances as the circuit may break and cause fire.

5. Using safe electrical devices: Switch the electrical devices off if not in use. Do not overload, this might lead to fire. If there are sparks in the wires, do not use them.

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