Flatulence in Women

Flatulence is viewed by everyone as a social problem that excuses no one, male or female. However, women’s  fart smells worse than men according to a research done by the University of Minnesota.  The University analyzed three types of human farts, the bearable ‘fruity smell’ or dimethyl sulfide, the barely tolerable ‘decomposing vegetables’ or methanethiol and the ‘rotten egg’ odor or hydrogen sulphide. It has been found that women’s flatulence has a higher concentration of of hydrogen sulfide compared to their male counterparts. Most people naturally give off gas each day. Men fart around 12 times daily while women pass off gas are around 7 times daily. So while men may stake a claim for quantity, women cover it with intensity, if one may say it politely. Also excessive female flatulence is more prevalent during pregnancy and menopause.

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How does flatulence take place?

Generally, flatulence comes in two air sources- from the swallowed air that mixes up with the food in the stomach and from the gas which produced by the intestines during digestion. An enzyme is needed to break down carbohydrates from food for easy digestion and absorption. Undigested food proceeds into the colon where the bacteria residing in it take charge in breaking down the food, producing gas as by-product.

Flatulence in Women Defined

Flatulence refers to gas expulsion from the digestive tract via the rectum. High incidence of women flatulence affects most pregnant women due to the hormonal changes during this time which slow down the process of digestion. In addition, around two-thirds of women reaching menopausal stage also experience recurring flatulence.

Flatulence may arise due to impaired digestion process like stomach acid deficiency, hiatal hernia and acid reflux.  Dietary factor and estrogen levels also play a role in women farting excessively. Constipation in women and the restrained nature of some women to avoid going for bowel movements at places apart from home, also cause gas buildup in women.

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Causes of Flatulence in Women

During pregnancy, progesterone hormone increases which loosen the smooth stomach muscles, thus, effectively delaying the digestion process. The holdup of digestion process is accountable for gas accumulation leading to flatulence. During menopause, a woman’s level of estrogen declines which also result to flatulence. As the digestive system ages, it produces more gas. Furthermore, dietary changes could also be culprits.


Flatulence is hardly a medical emergency but if there are accompanying symptoms such as severe chest pain, vomiting, high fever, persistent nausea and abdominal pain, seek immediate medical attention. However, the most common symptoms that go with flatulence include burping, bloating and abdominal discomfort and are not cause for alarm.

How to Prevent excessive farting in women

It is best that pregnant women avoid food that trigger flatulence such as broccoli, cauliflower, fruit juices, beans, potatoes, onions and carbonated drinks. Instead, they must consume food that contains wheat to prevent constipation. In addition, products that slow down digestion such as spicy foods and milk products should be avoided to prevent constant flatulence. However, they can still drink milk and consume milk products but only those that are lactose-free.

Treating Flatulence in Women

There is certainly relief for women flatulence. Aside from avoiding food that triggers flatulence, there are over-the-counter products or medications proven to be effective against flatulence and aids lactose digestion as well. Moreover, many find that chewing the food slowly and properly is really effective because it enables the saliva’s enzymes to break down the food before it is pushed towards the digestive tract, hence, reducing the production of gas. Besides, it also prevents the occurrence of flatulence in women because it minimizes the air being swallowed.

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