Hair care secrets to keep your hair shiny and beautiful

Hair shiny and long is not a mystery anymore. If you want to keep your hair silky and beautiful, here are some tips to follow:
1. A through rinse with soda water helps hair to really bring out that natural shine.
2. White wine brings out the shine and color in blond hair. So if you have blonde highlights that have dulled, you could freshen them by having a white wine rinse.
3. If you are left with dye on your skin after coloring, put some milk on cotton wool and rub gently on the skin to remove any stains.
4. Use black mascara to cover the odd grey strands in dark hair.
5. Use elastic hair bands that do not tear the hair shaft.
6. Rinse out hair conditioner with cold water. It is refreshing and adds that extra shine to your hair.
7. If your hair is frizzy, do not have too many layers on your hair.
8. Use a hair conditioner on the ends of the hair and avoid the roots? Heat opens up the cuticles allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. Use a hot towel conditioned hair before rinsing it off.
9. A tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice in the last hair rinse works wonders for greasy hair.
10. If you use a hair-mask, warp a cling flim around your head. This retains heat and makes masks more effective.
11. Beer gives added body when used on damp hair before blow-drying.
12. To add volume to your hair, turn your head upside down and finger dry with dryer.
13. If your hair is fine and limp, enhance it with highlights or dual tone to help create an illusion of more hair volume.
14. Always use a diffuser when blow-drying curly hair. This will help control the hair fizz.
15. It is essential to have a good cut to build volume. You can get extra body with clever layering.
16. If you cannot shampoo your hair even when it is dirty, put a cold clean stocking over your brush and run it through your hair to remove surface dust.

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