How Hollywood actresses lose weight? Hollywood Diet Secrets

How Hollywood actresses lose weight? Here are some Hollywood actresses’ diet secrets.

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1. Jennifer Lopez at 1400 calories a day and worked out for 45 to 75 minutes four times a week to get back her figure.

2. Catherine Zeta Jones lost 50 pounds by following the Atkins Diet.

3. Kate Hudson lost 60 pounds in only four months by working out two-three hours a day and following a strict diet.

4. Angelina Jolie lost weigh by doing Yoga. Apparently ginger root and garlic tea also did the trick for her.

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5. Heidi Klum lost weight by taking photos of herself in her slimmer days. Heidi Klum’s breastfeeding according to her, also helped her lose weight.

6. Danielle Lloyd was able to lose her mommy weight in just as much as 11 weeks after delivering her first baby. She looks stunning in one piece bikini in her first magazine shoot since she lost all those extra pounds

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