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Is ingrown hair infection or cyst causing you some real problems? Well, you are not alone.

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Ingrown hair strikes men and women alike. It is normally characterized by irritating and unsightly red bumps that come out after shaving. In fact, removing them is very painful and difficult causing irritation to the affected area with the chances of recurring once again. It can also cause redness, swelling and scarring which was referred to a medical term known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB). Besides, majority of men are affected by ingrown hair because they shave regularly as part of their grooming regimen. In general however, the condition affects people having dark coarse and curly hair. With this you might ask; how can I prevent this from happening and how will I treat them? The succeeding paragraphs answer these important questions. Read on.

Ingrown Hair Treatment, Removal

Appropriate shaving technique – shaving is something men regularly do. Improper shaving procedure can result to razor bumps on the face. Therefore, it is very important to practice appropriate shaving technique. How will you do that? Keep this in mind before your next shaving session. First, avoid shaving very closely by putting the razor closely on your crotch or face. Have some lynching. Shaving closely triggers razor bumps primarily because the remaining shaved hair remains trapped within the follicle and jab deeper or sideways. Second, keep shaving against your hair growth grain. Lastly, avoid hitting the area where there is an ingrown hair with the aim of getting the perfect shave. On the contrary, the more you hit that part with razor blade, the more it gets irritated. Better yet, use single-blade razor and never apply much pressure onto the blades.

Wear loose clothing – this effectively prevents the development of ingrown hair at the pubic area. Some may not be favorable with it most especially women who simply cannot live wearing loose clothes and hide their assets from the public. However, one should carefully contemplate that with loose clothing, you are not compressing the hair to the skin especially for newly waxed or shaved bikini line.

Nourish the surface of your skin – exfoliating is very important in controlling ingrown hairs. Regular use of facial scrub containing salicylic and glycolic acid has been proven to be very effective. Also, it is best to use face brushes with soft-bristle as well as liquid cleaner onto your beard to remove ingrown hairs, dead skin cells as well as clear hair follicles allowing unimpeded hair growth.

Ingrown Hair Pictures

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Ingrown Hair Treatment

There are plenty of shaving products and medications available in the market these days in treating ingrown hairs. However, its effectiveness may differ depending on what suits you best. What seems to be effective for your friend does not necessarily mean that it will also be effective in your case. For best results, incorporate these treatments with the abovementioned prevention tips. Here are ways of treating ingrown hair.

* Warm compress and tweezers – this treatment method is very common which primarily involve applying a very warm damp cloth at the skin surface close to the affected area for about 15 minutes and wait until the damp cloth cools off. Remember to disinfect your tweezers first by sterilizing them either by boiling, heating with flame or dipping them with rubbing alcohol. After which, once you’ve figured out that the skin has already softened, carefully pull out the end with tweezers but keep from plucking it out to avoid deeper hair regrow.

* Use active ingredients – this applies especially for recurring ingrown hairs as products containing active ingredients and antiseptics such as rubbing alcohol, peroxide and iodine helps in preventing the occurrence of infection. However, chronic cases are most likely due to genetic issue thus by applying antiseptic every after shave or bikini waxing reduce them from recurring for genetically predisposed individuals. Products that contain witch hazel, allantoin and azulene also help in reducing swelling and redness of ingrown hairs.

* Medication – this is recommended in cases of infected ingrown hairs. Oftentimes, bacteria enter the wound resulting to infection. Applying some antiseptic to the affected skin is fine. However, when infection already occurs causing long lasting pain and lasting several days, then, it is better to have it examined by a medical professional. Normally, the doctor will examine and diagnose the infection and prescribe antibiotics.

* Other treatment products – most of these products are in the form of moisturizers, cleaners and creams. Basically, these products contain acids such as salicylic and glycolic acids (or fruit acids) used in treating bikini lines for women and beards for men. The good thing about this is that many skin care regimens nowadays are made from organic products which are absolutely safe and effective and widely used by many these days.


Never ignore ingrown hair because once it gets infected, it may result to more serious problems. Also, if it keeps on recurring, you may have to visit your friendly dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment may start.

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