Itchy Buttocks

Let us look at causes and treatment for itchy buttocks, including home remedies.

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This is not  always a serious conditions but it may be embarrassing if it happens in a public or professional place. It is better to show the condition to a certified doctor for he or she may be able to give you the best line of prescription. However, here are some causes of itchy buttocks and general treatment, though it may depend on a case to case bassis which means you will have to check with your doctor

Causes of Itchy buttocks

Pin Worms:

Pinworms are one of the barely known parasites which are frequently found. These parasites dwell in your intestines. During the evening time the feminine pinworm traverses down towards the rectum and possibly lay their eggs. These eggs may irritate the skin and may serve as the reason for itchy buttocks. According to the records approximately 40 million cases of pinworms are reported on annual basis in the United States. These parasites are not fatal or highly serious, but the itchy sensation can be very irritating and may drive you insane. Pinworms may spread on harshly scratching your buttocks; moreover, these parasites may accumulate under your fingernails on scratching.

Pinworms may also spread through bed, clothes, dust, toys etc. if these eggs are by mistakenly consumed by any individual it may lead to infection too. Kids are prone to such parasites as they are less conscious about their hygiene. It is best to see your doctor if you suspect pinworms. In such a case you may have to give your stool sample for examination. If it is diagnosed positive, then simple medicinal treatment can help in curing the issue. It would be essential to avoid sugar as these parasites survive on sugar. Cutting off sugar from your meal at least for a weak would exterminate these parasites.

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This is another kind or parasite from the roundworm category. These parasites dwell mostly in soil, so there are high chances that you may get affected by walking barefoot in soil. Threadworm infection might spread from legs to thigh and then buttocks; and this may cause itchy buttocks. The infection may also further spread to abdomen region. Such threadworm infection may be accompanied with symptoms such as fever, pain and queasiness or vomiting. Similar to the case of Pinworms, you may have to provide your stool sample for examination if your suspect threadworm infection. If you are diagnosed positive for threadworm infection then the examination would be followed by medical treatment to cure the issue.

Hemorrhoids are more commonly referred to as piles, which is a condition wherein protruded blood vessel occurs in the anal region of your buttocks. These are generally varicose veins which are affected. Such condition may arise when the region experiences extreme strain while childbirth or straining during fecal discharge.

There are other factors that lead to hemorrhoids such as bowel disorder or even persistent constipation. The best way to cure hemorrhoids or piles is to see a doctor and get diagnosed for the issue. It is your doctor who can provide efficient help on treating piles. You may also have to undergo surgical treatment which is usually painless and effective.

Apart from the aforementioned factors even fungal infection is frequently diagnosed causes of itchy buttock. If the condition persists for a long time it is better to consult your doctor and efficaciously treat itchy buttocks.

Treatment for itchy buttocks

1.       The doctor may prescribe an anti-fungal cream or the treatment prescription which will address the above causes of itchy buttocks

2. Doctors may also prescribe corticosteroids to treat itchy buttocks like Halobetasol propionate or Clobetasol Propionate

3. Home remedies to treat itchy buttocks is by applying coconut oil, almond oil or taking an oatmeal bath.

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