Itchy Fingers-Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Itchy fingers, in most cases are taken lightly. Itchy sensation experienced at fingers can be mild to highly irritating, wherein most mild itchy are neglected. However, for most people any kind of itchy can serve as a matter of concern. It should be known that, itchy finger may have many different causes and it may also be a formidable sign of possible health adversities. Though most factors resulting in itchy sensation at fingers can be treated at home, it is always better to seek doctor’s advice for accurate diagnosis. Some of the common conditions resulting in itches on fingers may include dermatitis or eczema. In some cases even reaction caused due to medicines and food may result in itches. The treatment of itchy finger may primarily focus on treating the cause of the condition; however some ointment may be suggested to control the irritation.

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It is believed that ‘contact dermatitis’ is one of the most frequently recorded causes that leads to itchy finger and may also result in skin rashes and sometimes inflammation on the affected skin region. In some cases even direct contact with some harsh and strong detersive may also cause similar condition. There are certain plants which are discovered to be poisonous and are one of the common factors leading to contact dermatitis. To name few poisonous species of plants, poison ivy as well as poison oak is amongst the commonly known poisonous plants. In certain cases even food sensitivity may have same affects. It is helpful to visit a doctor in order to get the issues tested as well as obtain efficient treatment.

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Eczema is another common cause that leads to itchy finger. Patient affected with eczema usually experiences inflammation, pain and itchy sensation at the affected area. The exact reason that causes eczema is uncertain; however, it is believed to be associated with genetic factor. Those who suffer from such issue are more susceptible to allergic reactions like hay fever, swelling etc. It is studied that food allergies, especially those resulting due to diary products, may be sometimes responsible for prevalence of eczema.

To you information, itchy fingers may also be formidable sign of diabetes wherein blood sugar level in not appropriate as required by the body. Diabetes is said to hinder the blood circulation which may later lead to itchy. Any conventional blood diagnosis at doctor’s clinic will help in determining whether a person is suffering from diabetes. If your are suffering from itchy finger and suspect that you are also afflicted by diabetes, then you need to be careful and seek immediate medical attention as diabetes affects the self- healing ability of the body. This may be hazardous if any wounds appear. This may also lead to infection due to even a minute scratch.

As mentioned above, food related allergies or side effects due to medications may also lead to itchy fingers. In some cases the itchiness of fingers may be a result of bites from insects or parasites. These symptoms can be alleviated through oral drugs such as antihistamine. There are numerous ointments and lotions available with pharmaceutical vendors which are efficient in reducing or eliminating itches. However, the best option to treat and obtain guaranteed relief from itchy fingers is through certified doctors.

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