Itchy Nipples, Causes and Treatment

Itchy nipples are not serious in most cases; but such itchy sensation on the nipples may make a woman quite uncomfortable. It is not so easy to deal with itchy nipples, especially if it is you are in a public place. Squirming and trying ways to pacify the itchy can be an embarrassing affair. Such condition is highly common and frequent, and may be caused due to inappropriate bra (usually laced bra), eczema, infections caused by fungi, reactions due to allergies etc. Since such conditions are not serious in most cases, there are simple measures that can help in treating itchy nipples.  But this does not mean that you should become complacent when relieved. In some cases, especially with women over fifty years with unilateral itchy nipple if the symptom persists for over two weeks, then consulting your doctor is suggested.

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Here are some suggestions that may be helpful in treating itchy nipples:

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  • In conditions of itchy nipple one should avoid harsh soap which may dry the surface. Moreover, one should also avoid deodorants that may cause irritation to the breasts and may worsen the condition.
  • It is essential to avoid breast skin from dehydrating, for which a moisturizer should be applied after shower. This will also prevent irritation and itchy nipple.
  • Applying a thin coat of hydrocortisone lotion two times in a day for over a week or two can be helpful in treating itchy nipples.
  • If you suspect the itchy sensation to be a fungal infection then OTC anti-fungal lotions may be helpful. This should be followed when hydrocortisone does not provide any relief.
  • One of the most common causes of itchy nipples is use of harsh laundry detersive and/ or fabric softener. Such detersive may cause allergies to your nipples which may lead to itchy nipple.
  • Avoid wearing tight bras or sports bra which are frequent causes of itchy nipple. In order to treat itchy nipple caused by sports bras or tight bras, use paper tape or even thin layer of Vaseline may prove to be helpful. This will truncate the influence of repetitive friction and itchiness to your nipples.

These are some the common suggestion that may help in treating itchy nipple, but if the condition persists, then seeing a doctor is your best option.

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  1. I was told by an elderly that itchy
    nipples indicates that your significant
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