Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Laser treatment for stretch marks has become so popular these days. Everyone wants to get rid of those unsightly stretch marks acquired either from pregnancy, hormonal changes, operation, obesity and other instances wherein the skin was considerably stretched. Laser treatment for stretch marks, however, does not really assure complete disappearance of the unattractive striations on the skin. Laser treatment only aids to lighten the stretch marks to the extent that it could only be seen when one takes a good look at the area where the original stretch marks are located.

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There are a number of ways that claim to treat and even prevent stretch marks from appearing, such as the application of creams like alpha-hydroxy acids and Retin A. Many experts believe though, that these purported treatment and prevention methods are more hype than proven science. Stretch marks are permanent changes to the deeper layer of the skin that no drug or procedure could totally erase the striations. What laser treatment for stretch marks can offer is to lessen the depth of the marks, hence, improving the appearance of the skin.

Types of Laser Treatment

There are two major types of laser treatment for stretch marks:

• Red Stretch marks laser treatment

The red stretch marks are the immature forms of stretch marks. This type is easier to treat than the advanced stage of stretch marks since it is still raw. The laser treatment for this type aims to stop the inflammation and reduce the redness, as well as induce collagen growth and elastin remodeling, hence, improving the appearance of the stretch marks making them nearly invisible. The pulse dye laser is ideal for this type of procedure.

• White stretch marks laser treatment

White stretch marks are the mature forms of stretch marks. The patient with this skin condition is usually advised to undergo several treatments to be able to achieve significant results. Fractional laser therapy is best employed for this type of striations on the skin. This treatment procedure involves making injuries as thin as the diameter of a hair shaft to certain parts of the stretch marks, while leaving the normal skin untreated. The adjacent, untreated skin will aid in healing the injured part to replace it with a healthier skin.

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The pain brought by laser treatment is tolerable. Some patients don’t even feel pain at all. After the laser treatment, swelling and some redness may be experienced but these will go away within a few days.

How much does a Laser Treatment Cost?

Laser treatment can be expensive because it uses state of the art equipment to treat the stretch marks. The cost for laser treatment varies greatly on the size and type of the stretch mark to be treated. However, the cost usually ranges from $200-$700 per session. The cost can add up significantly depending on the number of sessions needed to obtain significant and noticeable results. However, there are also affordable packages offered by clinics or doctors. It is advised that negotiation be done directly with the doctor.

Laser treatment for stretch marks is a relatively painless procedure that could help improve unsightly stretch marks in the body. It is quite expensive but to the individuals who desperately want to get rid of stretch marks, the price may just be worth it.

Laser treatment for stretch marks before and after

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