Liver abscess- Symptoms, causes and treatment

Liver abscess is a physical condition wherein cyst containing pus is developed in the liver. Liver is a very essential part of the body. It is an organ which plays an important role in digestive system of the body as well as performs various important functions in the body. One of the important functions of liver may include production of bile that helps in breaking the food to convert into energy. It also helps in cleaning toxins from the body as well as creates significant physical substances such as hormones etc. Liver is also responsible for regulating fat storage as well as production of cholesterol etc.

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Liver abscess can affect anyone. This condition may also develop due to infection transmitted by neighboring organ or structure such as bile duct etc. The infection may also be carried by the veins from different organs of the body which may also cause infection of liver leading to abscess. There are chances that recent surgery or traumatic injury may also lead to liver abscess. It is studied that the most common kind of abscess related to liver is caused due to infection from parasites or bacteria. The condition when afflicts due to bacteria is known by the name “Pyogenic Live Abscess”. Ameba is a kind of microscopic organism that, through amebic dysentery, may also contribute to the factors causing the disorder.

If the disorder is detected on time it can be treated and usually completely cured through antibiotic regime including combination of more than one antibiotic medication as well as a surgical treatment to drain away the abscess from the liver. If the condition is left untreated, then the liver abscess can burst and the infection may also spread to other body parts. If this happens then the patient may have to suffer from sepsis or also bacterial blood infection which is life threatening condition.

Since liver abscess may lead to such fatal conditions it is essential to ensure immediate treatment in order to avoid further health adversities. It is essential to seek treatment if you experience any sign of prevalence of the disorder.

Signs and symptoms of liver abscess:

Symptoms of liver abscess may vary depending on the individual as well as the severity of the condition. However, the symptoms associated with this physical malady may also include a combination of below mentioned symptoms. To your information, abscess of liver is generally not life threatening, however, it may turn fatal if allowed to progress and left untreated. This may happen when the abscess bursts or opens up and the fluid accumulated in it spread to other body organs. This may happen anytime without any warning; hence, it is always wise to cure the disorder as early as possible. Here are some symptoms of liver abscess.

• Pain in stomach particularly in the upper right region of the stomach

• Unusual clay colored feces

• Darker urine than usual

• Fever and tremors or chills

• Pain in the joints

• Reduction or loss in appetite

• Malaise or feeling discomfort and uneasiness

• Queasiness

• Vomiting

• Excessive sweating

• Dramatic weight loss

• Jaundice wherein pales skin and eyes can be experienced

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Some of the serious symptoms of liver abscess are as follows:

• Behavior change

• Confusion

• Delirium

• Delusion

• High fever of upto 101 degree

• Feeling discomfort and uneasiness also known as Malaise

• Jerky body movements

• Tachycardia a condition of increased heart rate

• Respiratory issues such as shortness of breath, labored breathing, gasping or chocking

• Sever ache

• Vomiting

These aforementioned symptoms are serious conditions; hence, any or combination of more than one symptoms are experienced than immediate medical aid should be obtained. This will not only help in getting rid of the adverse physical condition but will also avoid chances of further physical abnormalities.

Causes of liver abscess

Liver abscess can afflict anyone. There are several factors that may lead to liver abscess such as gastrointestinal infection, infection of blood or abdominal infection. Another possible cause of abscess in the liver is surgical injury or other traumatic injury. However here are some other possible causes of abscess cyst in liver, these conditions may be infectious.

• Bacterial infection of the bile duct

• Bacterial infection of appendicitis

• Diverticulitis infection

• Perforated bowel infection

• Infection of bloodstream

• Infection of entamoeba histolytica is a parasite that also leads to amebic dysentery; this condition may be spread by water or else coming is direct contact with affected individual

As mentioned above there are also traumatic causes of liver abscess which may also be caused due to traumatic injuries related to surgical treatments.

• Endoscopy of bile duct (which are bile draining tubes)

• Any trauma to liver

Liver Abscess treatment

Liver abscess is difficult to be treated with medications alone. It requires regular regime of efficacious medications as well as a surgical treatment. There are chances that after curing the infection in the liver you may have amebic abscess in the liver. To treat this issue the doctor may prescribe you another medication that may counteract and eradicate amebas, this will help in prevent abscess from affecting again.

I most of the cases when it is suspected that medicine will do no good then, surgical treatment will help in curing the issues. During such operation the focus remains in draining away the abscess from the liver. A needle is inserted through the abdomen reaching the stomach and abscess is drawn away from the body. Surgical procedures for treating liver abscess are scientifically referred to as percutaneous or laparoscopic drainage as well as aspiration.

Antibiotic regime for liver abscess

There are numerous antibiotics in the medical industry which are used to treat liver abscess of mild state. Antibiotics are also prescribed after surgery to avoid possible infections.

• Aminoglycosides for example Amiki (or amikacin) or Garamycin (also known as gentamicin)

• Flagyl (or Metronidazole)

• Cleocin (or Clindamycin)

• Zosyn

The above mentioned points are some of the commonly used antibiotic medications which are prescribed by doctor to the patients. It should be known that one should not take self decided medication based on information retrieved from uncertified sources. It is essential to seek assistance from an experienced doctor in order to treat liver abscess.

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