Muscle Mass Decrease and Muscle Mass Increase

Muscle mass decreases with age and the decline is prominent after 50s. However it is possible to preserve your muscle mass. Preserving musle mass does get difficult during old age. For instance, the kind of muscle mass that you had in your 30s wont be possible in your 60s.
Muscles burn more calories than fat, so you can actually eat more without gaining weight if you have good muscle mass. Muscle also supports your bones, ligaments and tendons. If you have strong muscles, you are considered fit, sexy and more so, you are capable of doing most things that are physically taxing to many.

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One of the best ways to maintain, preserve and increase muscle mass is by lifting weights on a regular basis. Do a lot of weight training exercises. Lift weights two or three times a week. You do not have to go to the gym, you can invest in small dumbbells and do it in your home too. In general, avoid doing more than 24 to 36 sets in a workout. A range of 8 to 20 reps is sufficient to building and preserving muscle mass
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In August, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association updated their physical activity guidelines, encouraging Americans to strength-train at least twice a week and work out all of the major muscle groups on top of regular cardio activity.

They now recommend that adults perform eight to 12 reps of eight to 10 exercises on the chest, back, shoulders, upper legs, lower legs and arms, via either free weights, machines or weight-bearing activities. Adults 65 and older should strength-train two to three times a week, doing more reps with lighter weights, taking into account their fitness levels beforehand.

If you do not like weight lifting, you can do aerobic exercises. Walking uphill can be very good for your arms and legs. You can also carry lightweight while walking so that you getting the best of both worlds. Go for high quality carb diets like whole grain, brown bread etc and leave white bread and pasta because they can leave you satiated and too full for an effective workout .
The best way to decrease your muscle mass (you better not) is watching TV, sitting for hours on the computer and doing everything sedentary (deskjob) If you continue this process well on to old age, you will lose muscle mass quickly. To maintain and preserve muscle mass, stay active, do physical work, wash clothes (do not use the dish-washer), run, play basket ball, waterplants, walk up a flight of strairs(don’t take the lift). All of these activities can preserve and maintain your muscle mass even in old age.

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