Nasal Allergy Relief for Nose Congestion

People suffering from sinusitis and nasal congestion often seek nasal allergy relief in various ways. They often opt for nasal allergy medicines that are clinically formulated to relieve typical nasal problems. Well before you plunge into any medication, you have to understand very well what causes your nasal problem in the first place.

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What actually happens during allergy seasons is that you are prone to catch colds and such other related symptoms as coughing, sneezing, runny nose or even nasal itchiness that are also usually associated with sinusitis. The things you might be suffering from are caused by various allergic reactions that let your nasal passages to swell deliberately.

Deliberate swelling happens because the stagnant mucus that should normally flow through the nasal passages to cleanse impurities away, now harbors bacteria that make your nasal congestion to get worse, is blocking your sinus. What you need here is a nasal irrigation system for clearing the nasal passages and gets rid of the stagnant mucus for proper function.

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Adults usually prefer using the neti pot as a nasal irrigation system. The neti pot has both it classic and modern versions as this pot becomes so popular for nasal allergy relief. The neti pot contains warm and distilled water with packets of powder for single use to produce a saline solution for nasal irrigation.

Modern neti pots come with their respective systematic instructions for undertaking irrigation steps. However, generally, the process involves your nostrils to feel the soothing effect of the saline solution one at a time.

Other irrigation methods for nasal allergy relief include the use of sinus irrigator syringe or bulb syringe and saline spray in bottles. Sinus irrigator syringe is a special syringe that is intended for saline solution injection for nasal irrigation. This special syringe can be usually replaced with a bulb syringe with a saline solution consisting of two cups of warm water and a teaspoon of salt that you can squeeze the contents to your nostrils to clear nasal passages and stagnant mucous. You can also opt for a bottle of nasal spray based on your preferences for nasal allergy relief.

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