No Gym But Great Body

Do you like to build strong rippling muscles without going to the gym? If yes, then we need to look at our past.

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Did our ancestors who live 90-100 years go to the gym? Yet they lived a long-life and had a healthy, fit body. Swollen belly fat was a rarity in those times. There were no computers, no TV games, no lazy bags to sit-people toiled in hard labor in the farms, went on a hunting spree and played catapult. Exercises and games in those times were a part of our personality. The current nature married to the digital world does not have enough time to look after their own fitness (which is a tragedy) and many of us hit the gym and pay through their noses. Well, there is nothing wrong with a gym. But most gyms take a lucrative amount as gym fees and then ask you to take a personal trainer and nutritional package which makes the gym thing a costly deal. So can you build a great body without going to the gym? You bet.

Here are tips to build a hot physique toned body without going to the gym:
Drink Plenty of Water: YOU MUST DRINK WATER, there is no substitute to that To know how much water, you should be drinking, take your weight (for instance 170 pounds) and divide in by 2, which makes it 85 pounds. Change the pounds to ounces, which mean 85 ounches. 1 US fluid ounce = 0.0295735296 liters. This means you should have 2.4 liters of water. A typical glass of water is 8 ounces. So if you have to have about 10 glasses of water. Also note this 250ml = 8oz = 1 glass 8 glasses x 250ml = 2ooo ml or 2 litres A typical glass of water is about 8 ounces. Eight glasses would be about 64 ounces. 2 liters is about 67.2 ounces, so 8 glasses of water is almost 2 liters . Eight glasses of water is equivalent to 64 ounces.
Eat small meals throughout the day: Make sure you keep the digestive system working in its optimum capacity. By eating fewer meals throughout the day, you will make the digestive system work efficiently. Eat fruits and vegetables for fiber which can really work the digestive system work effectively.

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Swimming: Swimming is the best cardio workout. This exercises slims you down, breaks down fast, makes the pectorals and triceps shapely, strengthens your arms, calves, gives your stomach good shape and makes you look athletic

Abdominal crunches before you start your day:
Though abdominal crunches help you get that the flat stomach you are craving for, many of us are at loss to find the time for it. You can do crunches when you are out of time and before you get into it. Do 15 to 20 abdominal crunches after getting up from the bed in the morning and before you go to sleep. All it takes to get those washboard abs is less than 4 minutes a day. Remember the amount of work that you put in this process is very less and you get more out of it.

Exercise for core muscles: Body bridges is the best exercise for core muscles. Here are three ways to do brigdes: abs, obliques and the lower back exercises. For strong ab muscles,begin in a pushup position and place both forearms to the floor with the your fingers in a fist grip and stay like that for 15 seconds. While targeting your oblique, which is the second form of core muscle exercises, lay on the left side of your body and raise up on your side, till the weight is held by your left forearm. Hold for about 15 seconds and then switch sides and do the same with the right forearm.

Body Bridges
For body bridges to the right forearm, target the lowerback area. Start by laying on your back with both arms by your side and palms facing down. Then bend knees to such an extent that both feet lie flat on the ground. From this position, all you have to do is raise up with all the pressure of our body on the back of your arms and elbows. The goal in this form of exercise is to push your hips to the ceiling and holding that way for a 30 second count. The time may vary between people but almost everyone can at least at a hold of 10 seconds minimum.
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