Numbness in Left Arm and Hand

Numbness in left arms is not a normal physical condition. Though it may seem to be temporary and benign it may be a possible sign of heart attack. In this condition you may suffer loss of sensation. Numbness can be unilateral on both arms and bilateral only one arm; in this case left arm. This sensation may progress through the time and cover even the tip of the finger making your entire hand paralyzed.

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There are several factors that may result in arm numbness but usually it is said to be lack of blood supply to the affected region. In some cases the condition is also attributed to damages to nerve in the region. In other cases there are possibilities that any pre-existing conditions such as inflammation, malignancy, infection or other abnormal phenomenon taking place in the body. It should be known that usually the numbness is not related to fatal diseases in the body but this is not the case always.

Numbness in left arm can be preceded by feeling like needle poke or prickling etc. In some cases numbness may also turn into paralysis or complete loss of movement if the condition is not treated timely. The numbness may ebb away faster depending on the cause of the condition. Exposure to extremely cold temperature may also lead to numbness. If your left arm experienced persistent numbness then the condition may indicate any chronic condition or alarm you about any forthcoming affliction.

It is important to talk to your doctor if you experience numbness in left arm as this may possibly be a symptom of any physical disorder. There are possibilities that your left hand numbness may be due to associated heart issues. Hence, rather than overlooking it and staying under risk, it is better to get diagnosed and seek medical attention.

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Symptoms experienced with numbness in left arm:

Though numbness in left arm itself is a symptom, there are possibilities that you may experience dissimilar additional symptoms along with reduced sensation. These symptoms may also help in understanding the cause of the numbness. For example if you have tingling sensation or prickling persistent with numbness of arm, then it may be due to multiple sclerosis. Some other symptoms may occur along with numbness of left arm may include

• Burning sensation

• Cold arm and fingers

• Progressed numbness covering more area along with tingling

• Itches

• Pain in the neck

• Spasms of muscles

• Prickling sensation or needle poke like feeling

• Rashes on skin

• Increases sensitivity to touch

• Pain in left arm

• Twitching of arm

Cause and treatment of numbness in left arm:

Numbness in left arm may be caused due to different diseases or disorders that influences nerve or hinders the blood circulation. There are different causes such as circulatory causes of arm numbness, orthopedic causes, neurologic factors causing numbness etc.

The treatment of condition can only be effectively adopted if you do not neglect the condition and seek immediate attention. Do not perceive numbness in left arm to be a temporary or benign sensation always, at it may also be a life threatening condition in long run.

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