Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Power yoga for weight loss is a new approach towards a healthy lifestyle; it has been known that yoga serves as a comprehensive physical activity that looks after your overall health. Yoga is an ancient technique originated from India and through the course of time it has greatly spread over different continents. While most people have benefited from yoga there are some who believe that it is a slow technique for reducing weight. There are some people who believe that yoga is not as efficacious or fast as cardio exercises in reducing weight. Whereas, some believe that though yoga takes time to show its results, it is a comprehensive exercise of the body and eradicates the problem from its root. Besides it lead to healthy flow of blood in the body, improves breath control and strengthens the immune system and the ‘core’ of our body.

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For those who want to do yoga but hesitate due to its slow results, power yoga for weight loss is an effective technique; which includes yoga as well as quicker results. In fact it is also said that this  form of Yoga  is effective than most other kinds of exercises. Most celebrities swear by Power yoga, a technique which involves entire body workout as well as providing us with inner calm. Perhaps this is the reason why this method is preferred over other exercises and is known to be efficient. In this exercise, 100% body involvement is recorded as compared to 10 to 15 percent body workout in sports such as cycling and other exercises. It is believed that practicing power yoga for approximately an hour would help in burning away around 360 calories.

Researchers in field of yoga affirm that power yoga for weight loss can be highly beneficial if it is performed for at least 90 minutes. It should be known that power yoga preformed to reduce weight may prove to be strenuous for beginners; hence you should seek expert’s assistance while doing it. You may have to start with mild yoga poses and then gradually turn to intense power yoga postures. If you start with intense yoga poses initially which may be vigorous to your body then, you may have to suffer from injuries or sprain that may keep you from doing any kind of exercises.

One may perceive that doing power yoga may be easy, but doing yoga is not just about setting yourself in a particular position but you also have to consider pace of your movement as well as the degree of pressure on your body. Performing yoga poses is as challenging as gymnasium exercises or sports, or perhaps even harder to do. There are various poses each of which tones certain parts of body, for example some Dog Poses has its influence on the thigh and hips. Though these poses may have affects on some part, but all yoga poses enhances blood circulation throughout the body.

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Bikram yoga for weight loss:

Apart from power yoga for weight loss, Bikram Yoga is said to be another effective way of reducing weight faster. Bikram Yoga refers to yoga technique which involves a series of yoga poses with 26 asanas (practiced). These 26 yoga poses are practiced within a course of 90 minutes on regular basis. While doing Bikram Yoga the room temperature is measured and set to 105 degree Fahrenheit, which preheats the room and makes the practice even more effective. The reason why this technique is good for burning away fats is that, it causes the body to perspire excessively which burns up the accumulated fats in the body. Based on the reports of Bikram yoga it is believed that this technique has affects of all, cardiovascular exercises, aerobics, flexibility exercises as well as strength building exercises.

Some people stop doing Bikram yoga because they don’t see result with in 3 to 4 classes. It should be known that it takes a few yoga sessions for your body to get acquainted with the yoga poses and takes approximately 10 yoga sessions, each of 90 minutes for your body to start burning your fats.

However it is believed that adoption of power yoga is perhaps the best decision in yoga regime. Apart from power yoga there are other styles of yoga which may be more or less equally effective in burning of fats. It is essential to seek medical or yoga expert assistance before you start doing yoga. There are possibilities that your body may not be suitable for the twists and stretches performed while doing power yoga for weight loss. There are other conventional yoga techniques such as Hatha, Vinyasa as well as Astanga , which is said to be highly effective technique for weight loss. While doing power yoga, your body may use all major muscle groups toning them and making you look slimmer. Along with power yoga for weight loss it is also essential to have a proper, disciplined diet that matches your exercise regime.. This will help in speeding up the weight loss process.

Power Yoga videos for weight loss

Check out these power yoga for weight loss videos that can help you not only in reducing your weight but also toning your weight. A lot of people including celebrites have shapely, toned bodies due to these exercises.

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