Pregnancy Week by Week Pictures, Symptoms; Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy week by week symptoms and pictures are an exciting, interesting stage for every mother-to-be to know how the baby develops within her.  Maternal instincts that is present in almost every woman delves deep into finding out how the baby develops in a mother’s womb. Bearing a child and witnessing the development of pregnancy week by week is one of the most exciting and miraculous experiences a woman can have.

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The beginning of pregnancy is usually calculated from the beginning of your last menstrual cycle, and this is called “the menstrual age”. Fertilization or conception occurs two weeks before the menstrual age. For better understanding, detailed information on the different stages of pregnancy week by week will be discussed.

Stages of pregnancy week by week:

Week 3 of the development of the embryo/gestation or week 5 of pregnancy

The internal organs of the embryo like the brain, spinal cord, heart and its gastrointestinal track will slowly develop. The heart will begin to pump its own blood. And the embryo is now about 1/12” and it most likely looks like a worm with its thin, long and segmented end.

Week 4 of gestation or week 6 of pregnancy

The structure of a head and fish gills look-alike is now visible, and the gills will later on develop into the throat. Its size will now be around 1/5“ long.

Week 5 of gestation or week 7 of pregnancy

The embryo’s tiny arms and leg buds are formed. The face is now slowly taking its shape, the eyes and ears are formed. The five areas and cranial of the brain are now developed, while tissues that form into vertebra and bones are also slowly developing. The heart continues to beat now at a regular rhythm.

Week 6 of gestation or week 8 of pregnancy

The baby’s arms and legs are now taking shape and have grown longer with little hands and feet but with webbed fingers. The brain continues to develop while the lungs are starting to form.

Week 7 of gestation or week 9 of pregnancy

The baby’s hair, nose tip and nipples are starting to develop while elbows and toes are now visible. All the other essential organs are also slowly developing.

Week 8 of gestation or week 10 of pregnancy

By this time the baby’s vital organs have formed and working together. External changes like separation of the linked fingers and toes take place and the ears are now in their final shape.

The stages of pregnancy week by week have been properly introduced. And this marks the beginning of the fetal period.

Weeks 9-12 of gestation or weeks 11-14 of pregnancy

By the end of the 14th week the eyelids are now closed and will be reopened on the 28th week. The face features are now well formed. Tooth buds are develop on the baby’s teeth and they can now move their fingers. The genitals are already fully developed but they are still hard to detect from an ultrasound examination. The thyroid gland has fully matured and is now producing thyroid hormones. The baby’s head has grown half its own size and now weighs around 45 grams and about 3.5 inches

Week 13-16 of gestation or week 15-18 of pregnancy

The stage of pregnancy week by week has slowly become more transparent. The skin is almost visible and fine hair has slowly developed around the baby’s head and the hair is called lanugo. Muscles tissues have developed and bones have become stronger. Some active movements can now be felt by the mother while babies are learning to suck. Fluid secretions are now producing in the liver and pancreas while the intestinal tract produces Meconium or fetal stool.

Week 17-19 of gestation or week 19-21 of pregnancy

The baby can now hear sounds and make more movements while the mother can feel fluttering in her abdomen. The intestines are now fully developed to absorbed small amounts of sugar from the digestive system of the mother.

Week 20 of gestation or week 22 of pregnancy

The different senses are now slowly developing. The baby’s sense of taste has started to develop and brain’s nerve endings are fully developed that the baby can sense touch. The entire body will be covered by lanugo. Nails will grow as well as the eyebrows and lashes. Heartbeat can now be heard through a stethoscope and fetus will become more active as muscles continue to develop.

Week 21 of gestation or week 23 of pregnancy

Baby begins to accumulate and store fat. The baby continues to move its muscle as its daily workout routine. The baby now weighs around 454 grams or 1 pound.

Week 22 of gestation or week 24 of pregnancy

The baby can now produce surfactant, a substance that keeps our lungs intact while breathing but the baby still gets its oxygen from the placenta.

Week 23 of gestation or week 25 of pregnancy

Baby’s hearing is now fully developed and it can hear your voice.

Week 24 of gestation or week 26 of pregnancy

All the eye parts including eyebrows and eyelashes are now fully developed. The baby starts to flex its hand, while footprints and handprints are now visible.

Week 25 of gestation or week 27 of pregnancy

The first week of the third trimester begins and the baby will start to recognize your voice.

Week 26 of gestation or week 28 of pregnancy

The baby now weighs around 1000 grams and is about 10 inches long. The baby continues to store fats and the brain continues to develop. The eyelids can now be opened and closed.

Week 27-28 of gestation or week 29-30 of pregnancy

At the end of the week the baby weighs around 1400 grams and is about 10.8 inches long. The baby continues to do sudden movements and gain weight. The baby can now experience hiccups.

Week 29-32 of gestation or week 31-34 of pregnancy

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The lanugo is starting to fall off the skin. The baby can urinate. Fats are continually stored and deposited in the baby’s body. Its bones are now fully developed; its body begins to store phosphorous, iron and calcium. By now the baby is on delivery position and weighs around the average of 2250 grams and 12.6 inches long.

Week 33-35 of gestation or week 35-37 of pregnancy

By this time fat has deposited around the baby’s body and it is considered to reach its full term.

Week 36 of gestation or week 38 of pregnancy

The baby now weighs around 2900 grams and 13.4 inches long. The growth of the baby is now slowing down.

Week 37-40 of gestation or week 39-42 of pregnancy

The success of the pregnancy week by week development has now fully accomplished. The baby is now fully grown and after many weeks of waiting and preparation, the baby is now ready to be born.

After the stages of pregnancy week by week a mother has gone through, all the hard work has paid off. All babies are God’s gifts. After carrying the baby in the mother’s womb for nine months, they both will face a new chapter in their lives- to be a responsible mother and a loving child.

Pregnancy Week by Week Pictures

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