Red Freckles: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Genetics and exposure to the sun are the major causes of red freckles. They is commonly seen in the face since it is usually the part of the body that is directly exposed to the sun unlike our lower extremities which can be covered up with clothes. The more the skin is bared to the sun the more noticeable freckles will become most especially in the areas of the skin that are exposed due to its sensitivity to the ultra-violet rays.

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Red freckles are most common to people with red hair. And being the red-colored freckle that it is, its’ color varies depending on how long you expose yourself to the sun and on the season. It has a propensity to be very prominent during spring and summer and gradually lightens and eventually disappears when fall and winter approaches.

People with red freckles are often mislead to believe that what they have is a skin disease most especially when one is not used to seeing himself/herself with some spots on his/her face or body. Fortunately, they are not malignant but this can be a problem to some particularly when one can no longer see his/her real skin since it is mainly covered with freckles.

Do you want to make these red freckles vanish to completely unveil your real skin?

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to totally get rid of red freckles.

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1. Never expose yourself to the sun too much without a protective gear.


Always apply sun block whenever you are going out to protect your skin from the intense heat of the sun. It would be best to go to your dermatologist to check as to what sunscreen is suitable for your skin and how frequent you need to apply it.

Scarf/Hat – Long sleeves or a Cardigan – Long Pants/Jeans

You can use a scarf to protect your neck and a hat to prevent the rays of the sun from hitting your face.

You can use any of your long sleeves or cardigan to protect your arms and shoulders from any sun damage. Just make sure it is not leather-made or of denim material so as to let the heat of the sun easily penetrate and egress the garment to make you comfortable in your activities.

The same goes with wearing long pants or jeans, since they will cover your legs.

2. Always be aware of the peak hours of the sun. Do not overexpose yourself at 10:00 am until 3:00 pm since it is at these hours that the sunlight is brightest and may eventually burn your skin.

3. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C since it helps the skin to be less susceptible to the damaging effects of sunrays.

4. Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice directly on the affected area. Lemon juice assists in lightening red freckles.

5. You may utilize Hydroquinone which is used for skin bleaching. Never overdo and always be in moderation when it comes to skin bleaching to avoid damaging your skin.

Red freckles are not really something to worry about as they do not pose any danger to health. But you can do some things to prevent more of them from appearing.

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