Signs of Concussion

Any injury to the brain that may cause trauma and results in a short term loss of the functioning of the brain is called concussion. Concussion is usually caused due to a blow or a severe impact on the head.

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The brain is delicate in nature and is protected by the cerebrospinal fluid and the skull that surrounds it. When there is a blow to the head, it may cause the brain to smash against the skull. This results in a concussion. A concussion may be accompanied by a loss in consciousness on most occasions. Boxers and people who play contact sports are more at risk to concussion than the normal public. However, concussion can happen to anybody who has met with a head injury.

Symptoms of concussion

Some of the symptoms or signs  of concussion may be obvious while others may be subtle enough to prevent the diagnosis of concussion. Also, some of the symptoms may appear long after an injury to the brain. The symptoms are listed below:

• There may be dramatic loss of consciousness or seizure.

• There will be disorientation and mild confusion

• A person may feel giddy and walk in a dazed manner

• The person may have increased irritability and restlessness

• Headaches may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting

• There will be delays in motor and visual response. The person will be slow to answer queries or understand directions. The vision may be blurred.

• The speech may be mildly incoherent or slurred

• The person may show poor concentration or inattentiveness

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• Unstable emotions may cause changes in the personality.

• There may be loss of short term memory

• There will be weakness in the body and the person may feel the strength draining from the body.

• The irritable nature may cause a person with concussion to keep on repeating or perseverating with the same questions or discussions inspite of getting an answer for them.

Causes of concussion

A concussion may be caused either by an accident, a fall, a blow to the head or any trauma to the head while playing sports.

An injury to the head may cause internal bleeding and eventually a fatality. Hence it is very important to take preventive measures. The house should be kept clean and in an uncluttered state to prevent any person from tripping and falling. Protective headgear should be worn by all sportspersons playing sports which has a greater likelihood of causing head injury and Seat belts must be worn while driving.

Treatment of concussion

A visit to a doctor is essential for diagnosis of a concussion after a head injury. Once it has been ascertained that there is only concussion and no serious head injury the individual may be prescribed painkillers or to medications to cure the symptoms of concussion like headache, vomiting, nausea etc.

A bump may usually be formed at the spot where there has been a head injury. One may apply ice on it for the bump to subside. Care should be taken not to apply ice directly on the spot, but to wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and then apply it on the injury. Intake of bodily fluids and plenty of rest is advised for a patient to recover from concussion.

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