Six Pack Abs Surgery: Flat Stomach Through Surgery

Can you get six pack abs through surgery? Well, it is possible to get flat stomach through surgery. There is a process in place known as Vaser® Assisted High Definition Liposculpture technique that can give you six packs through surgical means.

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To get six packs abs, you need to give lot of time, dedication and pursue your passion, well..passionately. So, you need to do 25 pullsups, 50 pushups, 50 deadlifts with a 135 pound barbell to get your six packs. But then, not all of us may have that much amount of time to do so. So to save on time, people went for surgical alternatives like liposuctionand silicone pecs. But then the results were not exactly impressive and befitting of what a person expected in his quest for a body that would make the opposite sex go weak in the knees.

As mentioned before, a new technique called Vaser® Assisted High Definition Liposculpture can help men and women get a six pack body and an athletic figure without going through straining backbreaking exercise procedures.

Vaser® Assisted High Definition Liposculpture, or VAHDL, is highly developed technique of surgical body contouring that involves three things:
1 Selective removal of superficial body fat near the skin surface with the Vaser® system
2. Radical removal of deep body fat and
3. Autologous fat injection to get highly defined flat stomach

There is considerable amount of debate between which is better: VAHDL or conventional liposuction. But in conventional liposution, the surgery aims to reduce as much as fat as possible to give a slim look. VAHDL does not only give you a slimmer body but also better contours, toned body and athletic appearance. The creator of VAHDL Colombian plastic surgeon Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, says, “VAHDL is not about the amount of fat extracted, but what we leave behind. Often, we leave behind more fat than traditional liposuction. Our aim is to create the illusion of an ideal shape for the patient.”

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How does six packs with surgery work?
The patient is prepared for surgery and put under epidural or general anesthesia. The reason is because the procedure is longer and the effect of the local anesthetia may weak off before the surgeon could complete the procedure. Also VAHDL works on the surface of the skin that is replete with lots of nerve endings. So, this may be painful if one were put on just general anaesthesia.
After sedation the surgeon puts markings to create little incisions at key areas of the body. Now, a solution of saline and drugs that reduce bleeding and pain is slowly infused into the patient tiessues till the flesh around the area that is to be operated upon fills like a firm balloon. This gives the surgeon a lot of room to life the skin in the treatment area to be in the form of a ‘scaffold’ that lets room to work and gives
Once the patient is sedated, the real work begins. The surgeon follows his markings to create tiny incisions at key points on the body. Through these, a solution of saline and drugs that minimise bleeding and pain is slowly infused into the tissues of the patient until the flesh around the area to be operated on swells up like a firm balloon. This allows the surgeon to raise the skin in the treatment area to form a ‘scaffold’ that allows room to work as well and liquefy fat.

Once the procedure is done, fine silicone drains are pushed into the slit sites to permit stale blood and other fluid to move out. This is so that these fluids do not collect in the body. This can speed up the recovery and reduce swelling in the patient. . The recovery procedure of VAHDL is similar to liposuction and the patient can go home the same day. . For the next few weeks, the patient is expected to wear a skin-hugging compression garment. Final results are seen in three to six months after the procedure when the swelling subsides. The procedure can last for a lifetime and ; with regular exercise and a proper diet, the six pack with surgery can stay in good shape.

Limitations of Six Packs with Surgery
VAHDL has its limitations as well. . It can be done on both men and women with mild to moderate obesity but it is not fine for the morbidly obese or people with lot of skin laxity. The procedure is known to be complex and there is a chance of more irregularities if the work is loser to the skin surface. The procedure can also cause burns if the ultrasound probe is not done by trained hands and there is a chance for over-section, a condtion where too much fat is taken away from the areas leading to a crater-like formaton in the skin.

 Six packs surgery costs cannot be determined because VAHDL is a new procedure and the prices are determined on a cost to cost basis. In all probability, the cost of six packs with surgery through VADHL can cost more that traditional liposuction due to time,effort and expertise

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