Smelly feet cure, Bromhidrosis Treatment

Smelly feet, medically termed ‘Bromhidrosis’, is an embarrassing problem, especially in a social setting. Feet odor or smelly feet cure is possible by taking some steps that can prevent Bromhidrosis. Let us know how this problem is caused in the first place

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Brohmidrosis is a condtion that happens when sweat gets clogged in the enclosed footwear, it attracts bacteria that produce isovaleric acid. This is what causes smelly feet or foot odor problem. The things that contribute to this issue include fungal infection, hormonal changes, certain drugs and stress. However, you can cure this problem by following these simple ways:

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1. The simplest Brohmidrosis treatment is to wash your feet in lukewarm water an antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly, especially in the areas between toes. Dust your feet regularly with antifungal powder.
2. Instead of nylon socks, wear cotton or natural fiber socks to cure smelly feet. Natural fibers can help absorb excess moisture
3. Go for canvas shoes or the one made of mesh; they help your feet breathe and drive away feet odor

Brohmidrosis Treatment:In case, feet odor does not go away, consult a dermatologist. You may be prescribed aluminum chloride hexahydrate (20 percent solution) to treat smelly feet.

Home remedies for smelly feet/foot odor: Soak your feet in green tea or salt water

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