Social Anxiety Disorder Pictures

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Check out the Social Anxiety Disorder Pictures

Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD is fear or extreme shyness, based on unreasonable apprehensions. The person, especially the child may fear that someone is constantly judging him, putting him down, bullying him.

There are different symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder: mainly behavioral and physical. Let us check out the symptoms of SAD

Here are the types of Social Anxiety Disorder

One of them is Generalized  SAD, where the child may fear or feel withdrawn at almost all given social situations.

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Social Ansiety Disorder can also be of a specific type like fear of public speaking or stage-fright.

It is better to treat Social Anxiety Disorder early, it may cause problems in adult age.

Here are the causes of Social Anxiety Disorder

However, there are two very good treatment options for Social Anxiety Disorder

So take care of your child, keep her or him motivated and spread positive energy all around.

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