Symptoms of Appendicitis in Children

Symptoms of appendicits in children are mostly same as common appendicitis symptoms in adults.  However, it  may be misdiagnosed because it is not so common an occurrence as in adults. But it has been seen that the highest cases of appendicitis are recorded between the age group of 10 and 30

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This condition is related to appendix which is a small organ that is present in the body without any functionality or process in the human body system. Though it does not have any significant role in the body system, it can cause physical issues. This structure is a finger shaped structure which is located on the right side lower abdomen and protrudes from large intestine. There are some physical factors that cause this small finger shaped colon to turn inflammatory and accumulate abscess. This is the condition which is referred to as appendicitis. Though this article is focused on appendicitis symptoms in children, the disease can afflict any individual of any age group.

Symptoms of appendicits in children:

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The most common appendicitis symptom in children experienced during initial stage is pain in the abdomen, specifically near the navel or bellybutton region. This pain then advances from navel to right side of the lower abdomen. One of the helpful ways to understand whether the symptoms are of appendicitis, one can press the lower right side abdomen region and release it quickly. If the patient experiences unbearable pain then there are high chances that the afflicted child is suffering from chronic appendicitis. The children may also experience tenderness of the lower right side abdomen.

While coughing, walking etc if the child experiences aggravating pain, it can be considered that he is suffering from appendicitis. A child may also suffer from hindered appetite and may stop or reduce eating. Some of the common appendicitis symptoms found in children are constipation, mild to moderate fever, queasiness and vomiting, etc. There are other conditions such as inability to pass gas, abdominal swelling and diarrhea are also some of the symptoms of appendicitis. It should be understood that the region of pain and its severity is children may be different from the appendicitis condition of adults. This is perhaps due to the location of the appendix in children. To your information children below the age of 5 seldom experience the symptoms of appendicitis. However, in some cases there may children under age of 5 who are affected by this disease.

Appendicitis treatment in children:

Appendicitis in children are usually treated by an invasive treating technique or in simpler terms through surgical treatments. This surgical treatment is known as appendectomy, wherein the afflicted appendix is removed from the body. The surgeon removes this finger shaped organ by making an incision around the affected region. The treatment for appendicitis in children is usually suggested based on the severity of the condition. Hence symptoms of appendicitis in children should be taken seriously and medical attention should be obtained before the condition turns severe.

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