Symptoms of Depression in Men

Symptoms of depression in men affect the individual’s life greatly. Depression is a very disturbing condition. It usually involves the feeling of dread and believing that he is all alone in a world that’s cruel. Men generally have a tendency to keep all the emotions to themselves; unlike women who often want to talk it out with a friend or who often open up when pushed to share their problems. Symptoms of depression in men are harder to deal with than in women. It is also difficult to tell if the man is under such grave circumstance because majority of men are not expressive. Depression is a serious matter because if it is not detected during the early stage it could worsen and would be more difficult to deal with.

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Symptoms of Depression in Men

It is essential for an individual to know the common symptoms of depression in men. As aforementioned, men rarely open up about his feelings, so it’s better to observe.

• The most common symptom of depression in men is the feeling of always being down or the sense of hopelessness about everything. When a man always opts to be by himself and separates himself from the crowd, he might be depressed. There is also the possibility that he is thinking of small problems and making a big deal out of them.

• Restlessness, indecisiveness and forgetfulness are also observed. When a man cannot contain himself; or when he keeps on looking for things but tends to forget what he’s looking for. Because of this, he gets all worked up.

• Pessimism or thinking of negative thoughts all the time. This also includes blaming himself for everything.

• Irritability and sudden change of mood – when a man gets irritated by simple things, or when he’s happy at one minute and suddenly sad the next. These mood swings can be dangerous at times. If he is aggravated, he can physically hurt somebody or himself.

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• Loss of appetite or increased appetite and problems with his digestive system are also common symptoms of depression in men. When he is constantly plagued by negative thoughts, he tends to forget everything else that’s important, and that includes eating. A noticeable change in weight is often observed.

Treatment and Management of Symptoms of Depression in Men

The most essential thing to do to properly manage the symptoms of depression in men is to seek help. There should never be self-medicating done as an individual can never battle this condition by himself. Start by letting it out. Talk to a close friend or a family member. Suffering the condition alone will only worsen the symptoms of depression in men. Talking or conversing is the first big step in defeating this condition. Then if the individual is comfortable enough to approach a doctor, then he should do so. If the individual is still not at ease with seeking professional help, do not ever force him as this would only aggravate the situation. When he sees the doctor, the latter will prescribe the best antidepressant for the man. Examples of the drugs include alprazolam and sertraline.

Depression is like a battle with oneself. You are your own enemy and it deteriorates your well-being slowly. Patience is the key as nothing can be acquired as quickly as just a snap of your fingers. And remember that you cannot fight your this kind of battle alone. Help yourself, but more importantly, seek help from others to overcome these symptoms of depression in men.

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