Symptoms of Throat Cancer in Women

Throat cancer in women rarely happens so it is essential that women should be aware of the symptoms of throat cancer in women in order to seek medical attention and prevent it from getting worse. Throat cancer are more likely to occur in males than in females considering that one of the factors that cause throat cancer is smoking and alcohol intake, which are vices more common to men.

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Throat cancer primarily affects the pharynx and the larynx. Men are at greater risk to throat cancer as smoking and alcohol intake are factors that trigger this kind of cancer. However, people with severe or chronic acid reflux are at risk of throat cancer as well. The cause of throat cancer is the cell mutations within one’s throat. Upon genetic mutation, the cells would abnormally grow in size and accumulate inside the throat forming a tumor.

Signs and Symptoms of Throat Cancer in Women

Throat cancer may involve a lot of signs and symptoms. Here are the common signs and symptoms of throat cancer in women:

• Constant and increased painful coughing with a chronic sore throat due to the inflamed pharynx. This is where food and air pass through, and if it is inflamed and swollen, air cannot easily pass through it resulting to constant coughing.

• Severe pain on the ear is also one of the most common symptoms of throat cancer in women. The tumor that is growing on the pharynx or larynx would press the nearby nerves or gives pressure that would lead to a painful sensation in the ears. If a woman experiences earache for more than a week, it is best to consult the doctor.

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• Since the larynx or the voice box is also affected, an evident change in voice could easily be noticed. Hoarseness that lasts through weeks is also a symptom. A person would also have a hard time speaking since the passage ways for air and the voice box are damaged or inflamed.

• Evident enlargements of lymph nodes are also symptoms of throat cancer in women. To give you an idea on where to feel your lymph nodes, it is located near your neck, head, armpits, chest and groins.

• Difficulty in eating and swallowing food is also a symptom. And because of this, there would be an obvious weight loss of the woman suffering from throat cancer.

• Some of the women with this type of cancer experience numbing of the face.

• Sores inside the mouth and on the tongue, which have been present for a long time is also an indicator.

Treatment for Throat Cancer

There are three treatment options for throat cancer and it is up to the doctor to choose the best treatment for the cancer patient. Surgery can be done when the cancer is still in its earlier phase. However, if the cancer is already chronic, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the best treatment options for the patient.

The symptoms of throat cancer in women are painful and would give a great inconvenience to the individual. Throat cancer is life changing and somewhat scary, that is why support loved ones and friends are very much needed at this point in time. Of course, self motivation is crucial as the best person to help a cancer patient survive the disease is none other than himself/herself.

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  1. One of the better methods to beat Cancer is to look for any signs or symptoms, and identifying them at an early period. At an at a stage 1 cancer can be treated, before it developes into a stage 2-3 problem, and very complicated to eradicate by surgical means.

    • I.ts been three months my girlfriend had a sore throat and lost her voice we had never been to a doctor afraid of throat cancer

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