Toenail Fungus Cure, Treatment, Pictures, Causes

Toenail fungus cure and treatment should be understood by ones who are suffering from this problem.

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Toenail fungus is also sometimes referred to as Onychomycosis. It is one of the most common toenail issues which destroys the infected toe nail or at least results in its deformation. This condition is also referred to as toenail ringworm, which may be triggered by fungi such as trichophyton interdigitale or trichophyton rubrum which are fungus from dermatophytes category. It may also be caused by yeasts or molds.

The fungus that causes tinea unguium procreates in moist, hampered and dark physical parts. A relevant fungus survives and develops on keratin which is their source for food. Keratin is a kind of protein which makes hair and hard portion of nails. It is believed that big toe and little toe are at higher risk of developing toenail tinea as these two toes are more exposed to frictions of footwear as compared to other toes.

Symptoms of toenail fungus:

Yellow toenails are among the common symptoms of toenail fungus. Even when your toenails become thick it may also be a sign of onychomycosis. When you are suffering from toenail tinea you may also notice some debris accumulated under the corners of affected toenail.

In case the infection matures and becomes worse, the afflicted toe nail may get distorted and may also fall from its place. In some cases of toenail fungus the affected nail may grow thicker and cause pain to the toe even in moderate fitting footwear.  Superficial onychomycosis may cause the affected nail to turn white as the surface of the nail becomes softer and dried which eventually becomes powdery.

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Causes of toenail fungal infection:

According to surveys it is recorded that approximately 2 to 18 percent of people throughout the world suffer from toenail fungus or onychomycosis. It is studied that children are not very prone to such tinea unguium, as according to records only one of two hundred children or teenager is affected by toenail fungus.

However, people become more susceptible to toenail ringworm through the aging process. Another survey indicates that approximately 50% individuals suffer from toenail tinea at least once before they turn 70 years old.

Toenail fungus may also be caused due to tight shoe or hosiery that have poor or no ventilation at all. It may also occur due to toe- nail polish applied in thin layers. The disorder may be transferable through moist floor, public toilets, sharing hosiery etc. People who are afflicted with certain chronic circulatory issues or other problems such as HIV or diabetes are more susceptible to such toenail fungus problems.

Toenail fungus treatment:

It is believed that toenail fungus goes away through the time, which is wrong. If the condition is left untouched then there are high chances that it may progress to a state when it can create more problems.. The fungal infection may also spread to other toenails. The infected portion of the affected toenail may possibly grow off but new growth of nail may be affected too.  Your doctor may treat the infected toenail portion by dissolving it in urea and bifonazole solution or he may also trim it. In case of severe toenail fungus the doctor may ask you to take oral antifungal medicines. You may also require surgical treatment or toenail fungus in case your mobility if affected. Hence, it is essential to consult your doctor at initial stage of onychomycosis.

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