Twitching of the Eye,Blepharospasm

What cause eye twitching?  Twitching eyes or more specifically, unmanageable twitching of muscles that surround the eyes gives rise to a problem known as myokymia or blepharospasm.  If this happens, the sufferer keeps blinking the eyes repeatedly or there may be times when a person is not able to open the eyes for a few minutes altogether.  In some cases, the jaw and lower facial muscles may be involved resulting in a tight grimace, because you are trying to use these muscles to open the eyes. Eye twitching is more common when a person is under stress or tired or under exposure to allergens and pollutants.

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Causes of Blepharospasm (Eye Twitching)

1.      Eye strain

2.      Lack of sleep

3.      Fatigue

4.      Vitamin Deficiency

5.      Neurological Disorder

6.      Pinched Nerve

7.      Medication

8.      Withdrawal, Panic Disorder

9.      Caffeine

10.  Computer Vision Syndrome.

Treatment for twitching of the eye

1.      Eliminating the causative factors for eye twitching can be a good step in Blepharospasm treatment.

2.      If anxiety is the reason for eye twitching, then the doctor can give you muscle relaxants like benzodiapines, tranqulizers and Tegratol, an anti-convulsant medication.

3.      Botox injections are also known to stop eye twitching. For most people, just one injection but for others, they may need         one Botox injection every three or four months.

4.      If medications to stop eye twitching does not work, then  a surgery known as Myecotomy is done to remove the inflicting muscles that cause this problem. However, this is a last step of treatment for Blepharospasm.

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