Why Should I lose belly fat or abdominal fat?

Belly fat or abdominal fat can be dangerous for your health. Not only does it turn off women(or men, if you are a woman) but it can be a sign of bad health. Here are good enough reasons for me to lose belly fat
1. Disease prevention: A lot of problems from heart disease, stroke to various types of cancers are associated with belly fat or abdominal fat. The imbalance of insulin levels can cause problems like cancers and diabetes. Carbs that are not burnt begin to accumulate on the mid-section area, which makes the fatty acids release into the blood stream, reducing insulin breakdown.
2. Libido dip: Trust me, libido doesn’t have anything to with age, if you have a fit body. A person fit with ripping abs at 60s will be able to give lots of pleasure in bed to his mate compared to a man in his 30s who has high percentage of belly fat. Not only does the belly fat look obscene and a turn-off, the fat in the mid-section reduces the libido of the man and the erection will be lot less firmer(the blood does not flow freely to the penile are because blood circulation to the entire body is affected). Also your woman would like to have see the bulge somewhere else instead of the belly

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So go ahead and hit the gym or look for gym free alternative to get washboard abs and flat stomach, that does not only turn on the opposite sex but also makes you live longer and healthy
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