Appendicitis Symptoms in Adults, Treatment

Symptoms of appendicitis in adults are similar to appendicitis symptoms in children. But the problem is more common in adults.

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The appendix is like a finger shaped organ which is connected to the large intestine. Appendicitis is a painful condition that  affects this finger shaped organ found around the right hand side lower abdominal cavity. Read more about appendicitis pain location and treatment

This organ is of no real use to the human body. However, there can be obstruction resulting pain caused due to deposition of foreign particles or food. Appendicitis symptoms in adults should be taken seriously and immediate treatment is a must. The condition of appendicitis may turn severe if the appendix develops abscess which then gradually bursts and spreads to other internal organs. This may also cause infection in the body. Hence, any pain or blockage should be treated immediately.

Appendictis symptoms in adults:

It is known that one of the most commonly noticed symptoms experienced during appendicitis is pain. There is abdominal pain on the lower right side where the finger shaped appendix rests. However, as there are numerous factors that may trigger an abdominal pain, it is essential to understand other appendicitis symptoms in adults to assure the prevalence of appendicitis. Some common symptoms of appendicitis are explained below.

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As aforementioned, appendicitis is usually accompanied by pain and inflammation which are common symptoms of the physical issue. However there are other common symptoms of appendicitis experienced by adults also includes queasiness and vomiting. Appendicitis pain is characterized by an ache starting from the navel and progressing to the location of the appendix that is right- lower abdomen. The condition may be unbearable for the patient and may persist for several hours. This may also make the affected region tender and any kind of force or exertion to the afflicted region may maturate the condition.

It should be known that the intensity and location of pain may vary according to the age of the afflicted individual. But right side lower abdomen pain is a common appendicitis symptom in adults. However, one of the seldom symptoms of the disorder is fever. There are also chances that an adult suffering from appendicitis may also suffer from constipation issue or may find it tough to pass gas. Some people may experience mild or moderate degree of swelling.

Appendicitis symptoms in adults may not be the same in all individuals. Apart from the pain in lower abdominal or nausea to certain extent, the symptoms may vary. Hence, if you experience any kind of pain in abdomen especially on the right lower abdomen region or even if you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms it is essential to get diagnosed for the issue and seek appropriate treatment.  This may also provide relief immediately from some unbearable appendicitis symptoms in adults. Read more about symptoms of appendicitis in women.

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