Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Signs of cocaine use or in other terms symptoms of cocaine abuse can be severe or acute. In almost all cases of cocaine consumption there are signs of cocaine abuse recorded. This is helpful and makes it quite simple for people if they want to determine whether their friends or loved ones are taking cocaine in any form. These signs may be quite frequent in people who usually go on cocaine. The symptoms of cocaine are like symptoms of any other acute or chronic disease. Also to your information signs of cocaine do not overshadow other disease symptoms which may sometimes create confusion.

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Unhealthy weight and reduced appetite

One of the notable signs of cocaine abuse is weight loss. It is a difficult task for cocaine addicts to maintain an ideal or anyways healthy weight. This is perhaps due to the fact that cocaine is a stimulant and represses appetite of the patient. A person when goes on cocaine regularly he can actually live for days without eating anything or feeling hungry. This is why most cocaine addicts may look skinny and are underweight.  Droopy eyelids, bad breath can be the other symptoms

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Indiscriminate use of money without no accountability

The signs of cocaine use are often depicted by the addict unintentionally and may include some of the following symptoms. It may be very surprising to you, if you are not a cocaine user, that how expensive is this toxic substance. A drug addict may have to spend a over hundred of dollars just in a night to satisfy his senses. This may serve as a sign that if a person is becoming violent to obtain money, there are chances that he wants it to buy cocaine. He may try to borrow money from family members or friends. The craving for cocaine is so intense that the addict may go to any extent to buy cocaine. He may also steal or rob someone for money to buy cocaine.

Lying to socialize with group mates- become indisciplined:

Lying may become a part of cocaine addicts life as the person who takes cocaine may not come home for long time or may lie and seek money for buying cocaine. It is also because cocaine is a stimulant; cocaine addicts may usually sleep at odd hours and stay awake at night.  A person who is accompanied by other cocaine addicts may not come home till early in the morning.

There are chances that your loved one is behaving in unusual manner because he is addicted to cocaine. Any behavioral change may serve as signs of cocaine use. If you feel that your friends or relatives are into cocaine addiction then you should take appropriate measure to confirm and treat the issue. With the advancement of medical industry the chances of cocaine addiction withdrawal has increased and numerous individuals have found their escape from the addiction.

You should seek medical aid for your relative or friend who is addicted to cocaine. If you notice any signs of cocaine use you should consult a doctor at first and seek treatment. At the same time it is essential that you be supportive towards that person and help him quit cocaine. Through the course of time you may see that the signs of cocaine use are reduced dramatically.  Let us look at cocaine addiction treatment options

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