Pain in Left Side under Ribs

Our rib cage is located in an area where it is most exposed to injuries. It provides structure and protects our internal organs. It is important to understand that pain in left side under ribs is caused by many different medical conditions. So it is not good to jump into conclusions right away without truly investigating the cause. Not all pains are serious and some can easily be cured but if symptoms persist, have it check by your doctor right away.

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Causes of Pain in Left Side under Ribs


Heartburn is a common cause of pain in left side under ribs. The pain has nothing to do with the heart but instead it is a burning feeling in the chest caused by stomach acids. The pain is often described like a burning sensation that is often mistaken as chest pain from a heart attack. If pain is accompanied by difficulty in swallowing, weight loss, and dehydration, seek medical help immediately before more damage to the esophagus occurs.

Kidney Stones

This is one of the many common causes of rib pain. Kidney stones can form on either side of the kidneys. Though some kidney stones do not show any symptoms, some people often report sudden onset of abdominal pain that spreads at the back and groin area. Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, blood in the urine, fever or chills, frequent urge to urinate and penile or testicular pain.

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Rib Damage

Rib fractures are one of the reasons for the unbearable pain felt under the ribs especially at the part of the injured area. It can be caused by severe trauma or accidents and visible signs of bruises may be present at the affected region.

Spleen Irritation

Spleen is located at the left side of the diaphragm and its main function is to destroy and recycle old red blood cells. An irritation in the spleen can cause pain under the left rib. If the spleen got inflamed and significantly expands from its normal size, there is a possibility that it would burst which then needs immediate surgery to help control the bleeding.

Gas Build-up

One of the most common causes of pain in left side under ribs is gas build-up. When gas is blocked in the colon or at the left part of the intestines, this causes gas to be trapped which leads to severe pain and discomfort. A simple tip to help quickly release the trapped gas is by sitting on a chair.

Viral Hepatitis

Viral Hepatitis is a very dangerous condition that requires immediate medical attention. This condition shows symptoms of pain in the left side under ribs accompanied by yellow skin and dark urine. This disease can easily spread through direct physical contact so anyone is at risk of acquiring Viral Hepatitis.

These are just a few of the many possible reasons of pain in left side under ribs. If the pain does not subside after a couple of days, have it checked by a doctor right away. Let the doctor diagnose its underlying cause so you’ll be prescribed with the correct treatment.

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